Welcome to the site of the Natural Science Section and the Research Institute at the Goetheanum

The Natural Science Section is one of eleven Sections of the School of Spiritual Science. The Research Institute at the Goetheanum is operated by the Natural Science Section and the Section for Agriculture. Fields of research include biology, agricultural sciences, medicinal plants, chemistry, physics, and image-forming methods.

Is the difference between a genetically engineered tomato plant and a non-manipulated plant only a tiny detail of their biochemistry – or do we have a new plant? What constitutes the quality of medicinal plants which enables them to be used for development and production of new drugs? Is it possible to approach quantum physics from a phenomenological perspective? These and similar questions form the current work of our institute.

We understand research not only as "analysis". Good research always changes ones own image of the world and creates new perspectives and possibilities for orientation in contemporary issues such as genetic engineering and climate change; it makes it possible for new questions to arise and allows us to take responsibility for our future.