Elemente der Naturwissenschaft

The Science Section publishes "Elemente der Naturwissenschaft". It appears twice a year.

Annual Report of the Research Institute

The Research Institute at the Goetheanum publishes an annual report on its research projects and the development of the Institute, which you can download here. We will also be happy to send you the printed report.

Das Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus

The "Jahrbuch für Goetheanismus" is an annual periodical for Goethean research which has been published since 1984. It contains up to date contributions from the sciences, medicine and pharmacy.


Since June 2020, our newsletter with news about the Natural Sciences Section and its Section Collegium has been published at irregular intervals and can be downloaded here in PDF format:

Newsletter Nr. 1      [German]
(June 2020)

Newsletter Nr. 2      [German]
(May 2021)

Newsletter Nr. 3      [German]
(December 2022)

Newsletter Nr. 4      [German]
(March 2023)

Newsletter Nr. 5      [German]
(June 2023)

Newsletter Nr. 6      [German]
Newsletter Nr. 6 en français
(September 2023)

Der Physikerrundbrief

In the form of a newsletter, topics and questions from the work on physics were discussed. The Physicists' Newsletter can be downloaded as a PDF file. The newsletter does not appear at the moment.

[German only]

Correspondence of the Science Section

The correspondence of the Science Section reports on the various Section activities, individual Section groups and associated research institutions. It is published once a year.