Evolving Science 2018

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International Conference:
Evolving Science 2018

at the Research Institute at the Goetheanum
3 - 7 October 2018

Dear Friends of the Natural Science Section!

We would like to invite you to our International Conference "Evolving Science 2018". The conference theme will be:


- in the idea
- through symbolising
- on the path to the threshold


In the idea: In coming to knowledge, man connects the spiritual in the world with the world of the senses. Through thinking he enters the spiritual realm and in the oscillation between observing and thinking he comes closer and closer to insights which reunite inner and outer experience: "The awareness of the idea in reality is the true communion of man." (Rudolf Steiner, GA1) This process is related to the motif of "spirit-remembering" in the first stanza of the Foundation Stone Meditation.

Through symbolizing: A rhythmic shift of attention between sensory observation and inner experiencing can be developed into an inner training in the natural world, fostering a deeper experience of one's own soul in its relation to the "soul-essence" of the world. The soul "will first become aware of this, the delicate but meaningful threads which exist, connecting it and the world into which it is born." (Rudolf Steiner, preface to the Soul Calendar, 1918). This process can be enhanced through the practice of symbolizing, as indicated in the lectures of October 2nd and 3rd 1920 (GA 322). Various colleagues have attempted this in different ways, using different methods. Thus, a connection between these practices and the motif of "spirit-contemplation" in the second stanza of the Foundation Stone Meditation can be brought to light.

On the path to the threshold: On the path of inner training as it is sought in Anthroposophy, one repeatedly encounters the indication that the sense world becomes – or must become – dark if one wants to progress, and that, conversely, the sense world darkens the spiritual world: "Where sense-knowledge ends, / only there is the gate, / the realities of life / opened to the soul-life" (Rudolf Steiner, May 22, 1915, GA 272). How does this motif relate to a scientific training that deepens the relationship to the sensory world? Here it is worthwhile to seek a relation to “spirit-beholding” in the third stanza of the Foundation Stone Meditation.

With this sketch, we suggest that we might look at different working directions in anthroposophically oriented science with an awareness that different approaches are not only possible but valid. During the three days of our conference, we would like to use these questions or working directions to trace potential paths to the spiritual in nature and see if we can bring into view a common foundation of Goetheanism. The relationship to the Foundation Stone Meditation – a working theme of the Anthroposophical Society in current years, as we approach the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Foundation Conference – offers a fruitful addition to such work.

The following keynote speakers already confirmed their participation:
Torsten Arncken (CH)
Martin Basfeld (DE)
Johannes Kühl (CH)
Matthias Rang (CH)
Judith Sassoon (UK)
Konrad Urech (CH)
Kees Veenman (NL)

As we did during "Evolving Science 2015" we will offer a platform for research presentations where participants will have the opportunity to report on their current work. Please feel invited to submit a proposal for a contribution on your work by August 15, 2018 here: Register Form.

Updates can be found on our homepage.

If participation is not possible for financial reasons, please do not heistate to contact us: sciencenoSpam@goetheanum.ch

The conference will be held in both German and English.

We are looking forward to welcoming here very soon!
Johannes Kühl with the team of the Science Section in Dornach


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