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International Summer University 2016

Metamorphosis seeing and thinking - Goethe's Natural Science today

31 July - 12 August 2016

We invite students and scientists to analyze concepts and theories in physics and biology and to assess their “complementarity”. How does quantum physics stand in relation to classical physics? What challenges does a chemistry based on the elements face versus a chemistry rooted in composite mixes, experienced by our senses? What separates the classical evolutionary theory of random variation and selection from the new view of directed epigenetic processes?

Issues such as these will be studied using actual scientific publications and discussed in depth. With Goethe and Steiner as a basis, we will pave the way for considering other modern thinkers who have dealt with questions of a holistic integral science. We will try to find out to what extent they help to reconcile disparate views.

During the first week, guided observation exercises in the alpine valley of „Lötschental“ will reveal how prescribed methods of observation structure perception and shape meaning. In the second week, comparison of these experiences with the approaches in scientific publications will help us trace how scientific facts emerge and develop.

We are looking for people who are willing to share their scientific background, current research projects, outcomes and potential deficits with others. 

at Lötschental