International Conference
Evolving Science 2015


Shaping Goethean Science
                               – in Relation to Nature
                               – in Relation to Society
                               – in Relation to Anthroposophy

International Conference of the Science Section at the Goetheanum,
30 September - 4 October 2015


The Ideas-Workshop Evolving Science 2014 –  with keynote lectures, world cafes, workgroups and inspiration walks –  opened a space for lively discussions and fruitful exploration which we would like to build upon. The issues and questions which arose during this preparatory event form the starting point for our Evolving Science 2015 conference:


Our relationship to nature:

Our involvement with the world of the senses – with nature – is clearly of central importance to science and to man. It has been proposed that our observation of nature is equally important to nature itself. Can we understand this better? Although our current disconnection and alienation from nature is a necessary step in the development of consciousness, we realize the effect this has had on nature. In what way can Goethean Science develop our connection to nature so that it has significance not only for human consciousness but for nature as well?


Our relationship to society:

From an outside perspective Goethean Science has little or no relevance in society or conventional science. Yet, from our perspective it has enormous significance and value. How do we deal with society's perception of Goethean Science? How do we include the work of others in Goethean Science? What are our tasks as scientists within the Goethean and within the larger scientific communities?


Our relationship to anthroposophy:

Views on how Goethean Science relates to Anthroposophy range from those who see no connection at all to those who consider them to be one and the same. Consequently we ask: what significance does working with nature have for our spiritual development? Can Goethean Science help us to better understand the content of Anthroposophy? Conversely, does spiritual or meditative work have any significance for science?


In addition to keynote addresses we will have working groups, research presentations, open forums, and 'world café' sessions – and space for meetings and discussions on issues about the future of our work. We also intend to give time for free discussion of controversial themes within Goethean-anthroposophical science.

The conference languages are German and English. We warmly welcome people who are working in research or who are involved in science in their profession, such as teachers, pharmacists, etc., and especially young people who are studying in the sciences. We shall try to set up a fund to cover travel and accommodation costs so that participation is not prevented for financial reasons.

Flyer for download:

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