International Conference


Diversity Strengthens Identity

Autumn Conference of the Natural Science
Section at the Goetheanum
10 - 13 October 2024

Dear Friends of the Natural Science Section at the Goetheanum!

Rudolf Steiner pointed out  that natural science should prepare the social forms of the future, but it often happened the other way around: Darwin, for example, borrowed the competition-based “struggle for existence” concept from the economist Robert Malthus. Today, it is becoming increasingly clear  that nature does not gain stability and resilience through competition between species  but primarily through their mutually beneficial coexistence. Developmental variability of species also arises from species richness and symbiosis in community, and the identity of a species is often not possible without the diversity of its environment.

Even before these connections were well known, Goethe had formulated this as the principle of his method of knowledge: primal phenomena and archetypes only become recognizable in the diversity of their manifestations, and they are contoured by them; at the same time, they create this diversity themselves. This is how Goethe formulated the task of “multiplying” experiments and phenomena in order to realize their identity as a “higher experience in experience” in their diversity.

Through a diversity of methodological approaches and ways of thinking, we develop insights into larger contexts and a common identity in the diversity of nature's manifestations. Can we experience the diversity of our approaches as a richness that strengthens the identity of our community? If we succeed in realizing this more and more, we will also be making a contribution to the renewal of social forms.

We would like to warmly invite you to work with us on these topics during the conference through lectures, short presentations, plenary discussions, and in groups. We welcome suggestions for contributions. A preliminary conference program will be published in early summer.


  • As with “Evolving Science 2015 / 2018 / 2021”, there will be spaces for project presentations and workshops, which can be registered up until September 15  here.
  • The conference will be bilingual in German and English.
  • If participation is not possible for financial reasons, please do not hesitate to contact us:

We look forward to your participation!

Vesna Forštnerič Lesjak, Matthias Rang & Meinhard Simon

(subject to change)

Project Presentations

The project presentations are intended to allow you to share current research, book or projects with colleagues through short verbal contributions. Following each presentation there will be opportunity for brief conversation.


Topics for contributions can come from any field of science, Goethean observation of nature, formative forces research, development of research methods, application of research results and science education. 


15 minutes (approximately 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion).
You may hold your research presentation in either German or English (no translation).

Please note that speakers of a project/research presentation have to buy a regular conference ticket.
Ticket sales are expected to be activated in summer.

You find the application form for project presentations and workshops further below!


The workshops are intended to deepen individual topics and questions in smaller groups. Subsequently, you will find on this page the offered groups with short descriptions.


Themes for these workshops may come from any field of science (and do not have to be directly related to the conference theme). Workshops which introduce current research, develop or discuss working methods, address didactic and educational issues, or deepen specific or interdisciplinary themes are particularly desirable.    


Held in one language (English or German) with no translation!

Registration for Project Presentations or Workshops

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