Re-Approval and Renewed Production of the ISOREL® Mistletoe Preparation

|   Botanik, Ökologie, Landschaft

Harald Kreisl

In the past 10 years, great and courageous efforts have been made to actualize the relaunch of ISOREL®, which has been approved since 1983. ISOREL® has made an indispensable contribution to mistletoe therapy for many decades and is now finally able do so again. A factory in Thörl-Maglern in Carinthia was built, the preparation was restored and I was able to help for a few months to put the plant into operation.

Nowadays, when an impulse for anthroposophic pharmacy is newly formed, one quickly experiences incredulous amazement. And so it was with me when I saw the impressive factory building for the first time. A lot of mental and spiritual energy had to be put into it, a lot of work had to be done and funds had to be raised in order to bring this building up to the most modern quality standards. This was welcomed by the Austrian state and supported by the EU. Such a project would not have been possible without a circle of inspired initiators and supporters.

Today, a committed team from many disciplines works together to produce the in-house ISOREL® preparation. Other products can also be filled here at this ampoule plant that meets today's standards, and marketed in line with market requirements. Thus the gates of the production site at the "Thörl" – the only intersection of three major European language groups (Romance, Slavic and Germanic) – are wide open for the production or filling of other mistletoe preparations as well as potentised ampoule preparations and other essential medicines.

I was able to follow the path of the mistletoe plant from harvest through various processing steps to the rhythmically active substance, and experienced how here too there is an awareness that human involvement in these processes is of utmost importance for our anthroposophical remedies.

I also had this experience at the Ita Wegman Clinic, the WIDAR laboratory of the Lukas Clinic and the HISCIA in Arlesheim, as well as at WALA in Bad Boll. The cooperation with the people at the three WELEDA sites was also characterised by this spirit.

In order to reorganise a pharmaceutical company with this standard of quality, a great deal of standardised documentation is required, to which I was also able to contribute. In the process, I became aware – as I had already been in Switzerland – of the increasing demands of international standards. In Austria, for example, there is a culture of actively bringing people together across companies in order to exchange solutions from the perspective of their respective professions on how the universally desired high standards can be maintained in everyday operations. From my point of view, the wish for the entire medical movement of the anthroposophical way of thinking is that in the exchange about the pharmaceutical processes of our respective preparations, we try to grasp the creative thoughts of our fellow human beings, to let them stand as a "foreign will" in the sense of the philosophy of freedom, and later to integrate the fruits of knowledge from this into our sphere of activity.

So it remains to wish the Lukas Heil-Betriebsstätte GmbH project in Thörl-Maglern every success!

The Lukas GmbH premises in Thörl-Maglern.